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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Does low back pain have you down?

It’s time to get moving again. We’ve been sitting around long enough. 

The differences between sprains and strains

Lower back strains and sprains can happen abruptly, or over time through repetitive movements. A sprain occurs when tearing and over-stretching affects your ligaments (what connects your bones to each other), and a strain occurs when it affects the muscle.

Common causes of strains and sprains include poor posture over time, twisting the spine while lifting heavy objects, sports injuries, and sudden movements like falls that place too much stress on the lower back.

Chronic low back pain

If your lower back pain lasts for longer than three months, it has exceeded your body’s natural healing timeline and is considered chronic. This is often caused by an irritated nerve root and/or a joint or disc issue. Some common causes of chronic lower back pain are:


Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease or spondylosis, results from wear and tear on your disc and facet joints. It is slowly progressive and associated with age, causing inflammation, pain, instability, and even stenosis. 

Degenerative disc disease

When you’re born, the intervertebral discs in your back are at their healthiest and filled with water. Over time, these discs wear down as they lose their hydration and resistance to force, transferring the force to the disc wall that may become torn, and resulting in herniation and degenerative disc disease.

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