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Top 5 Benefits of CrossFit

Before trying CrossFit, I was a skeptic too. 

I let other people’s opinions and false data from pseudo-experts sway my judgment–until I finally tried it for myself.

Since that day, I’ve never looked back.

CrossFit has changed my life, and I recommend it to all of my patients. 

The benefits of CrossFit are endless, but these 5 in particular are why I keep going back, and why I encourage you to join me.

1. You’ll build strength.

The first benefit of CrossFit is a no-brainer: you’ll get stronger. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t solely about “bulking up”–you won’t get massive biceps with CrossFit alone.

CrossFit strength training is structured to help you gain strength and get toned. If weight loss is a part of your goal, it can help you accomplish that too. No need to learn a bunch of new, fancy skills or movements; this program is actually based on a few basic (but beneficial) exercises. 

The strength you’ll gain from CrossFit is ideal for protecting you from injury. The stronger you get, the less likely you’ll be to injure yourself in sports or other activities. Not to mention, this newfound superhero strength is great to show off to your friends! ;) 

2. You’ll increase your flexibility.

Along with strength, you’ll also need mobility and flexibility to help protect you from injury and to maximize your performance. 

One of the biggest benefits of CrossFit is that the instructors value warming up and cooling down time. Don’t let hour-long classes intimidate you. You can expect any hour-long class to include warm-up and cool-down exercises, resulting in a 50/50 split between stretching and actual working out. This will help you increase your flexibility quickly.

3. You will learn how to make lifestyle changes.

CrossFit isn’t just a workout program, it’s a lifestyle. While it’s not necessary to sign up for the entire CrossFit package, I highly recommend that you do if you want help with personal development, nutrition, and motivation. By learning how to make these lifestyle changes, you can learn how to truly become your best self and feel better than ever.

4. CrossFit has great morals.

If good, wholesome morals are important to you, CrossFit is right up your alley. This brand supports the military, and its functional fitness model has been used to train soldiers. 

“Hero workouts” were created to honor fallen soldiers and keep their legacy alive. The “Murph,” for example, is a hero workout that will challenge you physically and make you stop to learn about its namesake. CrossFit has even reached out to veterans and offered to help them with post-service rehabilitation and fitness. 

5. You can tap into your competitive side.

Competing isn’t for everyone, which is why it’s not a mandatory component of CrossFit. But if it is your style, CrossFit allows you to be as competitive as you please.

There are always opportunities to enter competitions, and even televised national championships for those who are really into competing.

At Independence Wellness, we offer PEMF services–ideal for treating athletic injuries and enhancing your performance. CrossFit members across the state rely on this treatment to help them bounce back quickly.

If these 5 benefits of CrossFit weren’t enough for you, how does a discount sound? I believe in CrossFit so much, that I’ve arranged for all of my patients to receive 15% off of their memberships at the following gyms (boxes):

For more information on why we recommend CrossFit so highly and why they recommend us, check out our blog post or contact Independence Wellness today!

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