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The Best Foods for a Healthy Brain

When most people start a diet, they do so for the sake of their body–not their brain.

But what good is a nice body without a healthy brain to run it?

If you’re looking to make some changes to your diet, make sure to incorporate the following foods to keep your brain healthy:

Fish and grass-fed meats that are rich in omega-3s

Grass-fed organ meats, krill/fish oil, and low-mercury fish (e.g., wild-caught Alaskan salmon, mackerel, trout, and anchovies) are some of the best sources of omega-3s. 

If you want a resilient and healthy brain, these foods will be key to sharpening your mind. Not only can they decrease inflammation in the brain, but across your entire body as well. Omega-3s also support healthy brain structure and enhance memory and mood.

Pastured eggs & dark chocolate that are high in saturated fats

Low cholesterol is linked with cognitive decline. If you struggle with fatigue and a lack of focus, chances are that your diet doesn’t contain enough fat, and you’re not ingesting enough cholesterol. 

Because your brain is made up of around 60% fat (¼ of which is cholesterol), you need to be ingesting saturated fats for it to function efficiently. 

The brain quickly transmits signals along fat-covered branches. Without saturated fats in your diet, these branches lose their insulation and struggle to pass along signals–causing you to lose your train of thought or forget your keys more often.

Fortunately, the foods that are rich in cholesterol and saturated fat are some of the yummiest. This includes anything from pastured eggs, to dark chocolate (without added sugar) and grass-fed butter, lamb, and beef.

Foods like blueberries that are a good source of polyphenols

As you breathe, the mitochondria in your cells use oxygen to make fuel. The part of the oxygen they can’t use, also known as “free radicals”, gets left behind. Too many free radicals can attack healthy cells and cause early aging and inflammation.

In order to neutralize them, you need to eat foods like blueberries, red cabbage, and pomegranates that have a strong polyphenol content. Polyphenols neutralize free radicals to stop them from becoming harmful and sucking up all of your energy. 

Integrating the aforementioned foods into your diet is vital to enhancing your brain health. For more in-depth nutritional guidance, request an appointment with Dr. John at Independence Wellness. We can guarantee life-changing results in as little as one month–so long as you stick to our regimen!

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