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“In 2015, I had an anterior cervical fusion. After six months of bone growth stimulator medication, the bone still had not fused entirely with the screws in my neck. Unfortunately, the bone is now too old to graft to the screws, but the PEMF therapy has stopped the screws from loosening any further.

“I was in a car accident in 2018, causing me to have a second neck surgery where they placed two rods and twelve screws in my neck. My bones had not fused properly after the first surgery, and I was in continuous pain. After my second surgery, I immediately started PEMF treatments. I was able to get off pain medication, and within two months, everything from my second surgery was fused. Given my history and age, my surgeon in Houston, Texas was astounded by my progress. He’s extremely excited about PEMF and is now recommending it to his patients.

I do Egoscue exercises daily which have helped to strengthen my back. I’m able to walk a mile and a half less than a year after major neck surgery, and my doctor is amazed by my range of motion. Egoscue exercises have also helped with my dynamic disc. It was sliding in and out, but with the exercises and PEMF therapy, it no longer slides out or causes me pain.”


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