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3 Tips for Surviving The Holidays Without Overeating & Guilt

Holiday gatherings don’t have to result in overeating and guilt.

By eating the proper foods this holiday season, you can actually feel good after Thanksgiving dinner–not regretful and in pain. 

Stay on track during the holidays by following these 3 tips:

1. Prepare to be on your own

By now, you’re probably used to being the odd one out among family and friends when it comes to nutrition.. That being said, you shouldn’t expect anyone at a holiday dinner to accommodate your nutritional decisions. 

Most people could care less what you are doing or eating. That being said, it’s best to avoid talking about your nutrition plan and why you’re doing it–lead by example instead. 

No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to understand a single thing about your food choices without investing the same amount of time and energy that you devoted to your nutritional program. 

It’s not hard to commit once you’ve made the decision not to cheat. Plan ahead and prepare your own meal. While it may seem like a lot of work, your body will thank you later. If you can conquer holiday meals without cheating, you are unstoppable. 

2. Make time and arrangements to keep up your training schedule

While the holidays are often a time to relax and take off of work, this doesn’t mean that your training should take a break too. Remember what’s important to you and be true to yourself. Keep in mind that what you are doing should be shouting so loudly that people can’t hear a thing you’re saying. 

3. Remember the reason for the season

It’s easy to get carried away and stressed out with all the temptations of the holidays, but don’t let this take you away from the real reason for the season. Holidays are about family and coming together–the food is just a bonus! Remember the reason you choose to be healthy.

Looking for nutritional guidance and help with overeating this holiday season? Let a professional help. Dr. John has decades of experience in helping people like you make the right dietary choices to optimize your health. Prepare yourself for the holidays now and request an appointment at Independence Wellness & Pulse Center today!

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