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Why NASA uses PEMF

Dr. Gary Ryan explains PEMF

CrossFit Recovery

FDA Classification of PEMF devices

Want To Learn More About PEMF, Egoscue, non-force spinal care, and more?

What Do Our Patients Have To Say?

“I had normal soreness along with other issues that consistent athletes run into, and after only a few PEMF sessions, I noticed a big more

"I’ve been using the PEMF unit for my diabetic neuropathy. I didn’t want to take pills, so I decided to try the PEMF machine. more

“My lower back is better... so much so that I was able to mow the lawn again without having any pain. It’s been a more

“My back was so bad that I could hardly straighten it. When I would get up out of a chair, I had to stand more

“I came in for neuropathy pain from nerve damage in my lower back that causes pain in my legs and feet. Surprisingly, it’s working, more

“I have absolutely no pain anywhere anymore. Doctors wanted to perform surgery and remove two discs, but with PEMF, I have no pain.” -Julia

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