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Relieving Pain Without Medication

Relieving pain without medication is essential to ending the opioid epidemic. Doctors are writing painkiller prescriptions without a second thought, and it’s killing people at alarming rates. The reason it has become such a widespread issue, is because of how effective and addictive these drugs are.

Over time, however, opioids appear to lose their effectiveness as one’s tolerance threshold increases. Eventually, you will require higher and higher doses to subdue your pain. This is why some people wind up seeking stronger alternatives after their tolerance increases. Sadly, 80% of new heroin users say that they started with prescription painkillers.

While these drugs are effective at reducing pain, they do not treat the cause of it. Instead, they work by attaching to receptors in your brain and dulling their reception to pain, rather than healing your bones, ligaments or the cause of the pain itself. This begs the question: 

How can you reduce pain and treat the cause of it–and without dangerous prescription drugs?

Fortunately, relieving pain without medication is possible.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a safe, non-habit forming way to treat your pain at its source. PEMF uses gentle, electromagnetic pulses to stimulate healing where the problem is–at the cellular level. 

How it works

Research has shown that pain and inflammation are caused by toxins filling your cells and draining the energy out of them. Rather than affecting your pain reception, PEMF works by inducing cellular contractions within the afflicted bone or tissue and charging the individual cells back to health. 

The contracting and expanding movements of your cells through PEMF allows them to recharge by absorbing nutrients and expelling toxins. It is crucial that your cells maintain a healthy energy level in order for pain relief and healing to stick. 

PEMF is the safest and most efficient way to treat pain at its source. At Independence Wellness & Pulse Center, we proudly own one of the only two Pulse XL Pro PEMF machines in the state of Louisiana. Located right here in Lafayette, you can now give PEMF a try. Contact us today to request an appointment!

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