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Correcting Shoulder Misalignment and Relieving Pain With Egoscue

Finding it painful to do everyday activities like getting dressed or picking things up off the ground?

Shoulder pain can really hinder your daily life, especially when it thwarts your range of motion.

Fortunately, almost any and all chronic pain can be eliminated with the Egoscue method. These gentle movements are clinically proven to Restore your posture and relieve pain.

The following Egoscue strengthening exercise routine was crafted to reduce current and future shoulder pain.

You must be willing to invest a few minutes per day to discover how to regain the movement of your youth and live pain-free. 

Dr. Sullivan at Independence Wellness  incorporates Egoscue into his care when needed, and/or when patients express the desire to take more responsibility for their health. 

He utilizes 2 levels of Egoscue Care:

1. Directing patients to relevant video tutorials for their condition(s)

2. Referring patients to a Certified Egoscue Therapist- this is for people who don’t give sufficient relief out of the videos and want to explore their potential and regain the posture of their youth

Regardless of the level of care you need, Dr. Sullivan will help you get where you want to go. For more help healing your chronic pain naturally, request an appointment with Independence Wellness. As a Certified Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist, Dr. Sullivan offers an array of natural services to treat your chronic pain. From cold laser therapy and PEMF, to non-force chiropractic and nutritional guidance, we look forward to healing you!

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