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How to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms Without Medication

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) has been studied thoroughly as a treatment for arthritis. As a safe, drug-free, and non-invasive way to reduce pain and inflammation, many people are turning to PEMF to relieve arthritis symptoms–but how exactly does it work? Continue reading as we break down why this treatment is so effective and how it works. 

How does it work?

PEMF works by reaching the problem at its core–the cellular level. By using gentle electrical currents to stimulate the afflicted cells, you can charge your body back to health. Because your bodily tissue is made up of cells, and arthritis is a connective tissue disease, it only makes sense that this condition be treated at the cellular level. 

PEMF has been tested on numerous orthopedic conditions and has been shown to help rebuild bone density. When it comes to arthritis, this special form of therapy does more than reduce pain. It helps you prevent further degeneration and allows you to gain your old strength back, which is more than can be said about most pharmaceuticals out there today.  

The reason why PEMF works so effectively is fairly simple. Because our body’s cells communicate and function based on the principles of bioelectromagnetics, they can be trained to function more effectively with magnetic stimulation. This is the key to genuine healing, as opposed to modern medicine that’s used to mask symptoms rather than treat the illness itself. 

What to expect

When you walk into Independence Wellness looking to try PEMF for your arthritis, here’s what to expect. Depending on which area of your body is affected, you will either lie on our special PEMF bed or sit in a chair and use a smaller machine to locally treat your pain. The best results have been seen from doing this for a total of 24 hours, usually twice per week. It is not painful, non-habit forming, and there are no side effects!

Stop letting pain affect your daily life. Take back control over your movement and relieve your arthritis symptoms today. It’s time to give PEMF a try. Request an appointment at Independence Wellness today! We have one of the only two Pulse XL Pro PEMF machines in the state of Louisiana, and are ready to walk with you every step of the way on your journey to health. 

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