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How to Recover From a Sports Injury by Recharging Your Cells

All sports come with the risk of injury. Most sports-related injuries are a result of poor training techniques and muscle overuse. Regardless of how you received your injury, as an athlete, you’ve probably continued training with it even though you know you shouldn’t have–everyone is guilty of this. We understand how incredibly frustrating it is to sit out of competitions–CrossFit especially. 

An athletic regimen that includes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF),  can really enhance your performance and help you recover from a sports injury faster. PEMF is an innovative therapy used to flush out toxins from sluggish cells, recharge your body by increasing blood flow and oxygenation, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation. (All at the mitochondrial level)

Copious studies have shown the positive benefits of PEMF for athletes and can allow you to compete at your absolute best level when needed. One example study researched the effectiveness of PEMF on speeding up the healing rate of rotator cuff injuries on small animals. The animals that received this treatment showed a significant decrease in necessary recovery time in comparison with the subjects that did not receive the treatment. 

A second study examined the effects of PEMF on chronic musculoskeletal pain. The results of this study gave reason to believe that PEMF does help provide muscle pain relief. This research is critical to athletes because it suggests that sports injuries don’t have to have such a major impact on your quality of life. PEMF can improve your health in more ways than simply relieving your pain. It can help you reduce stress and start getting back to doing all that you used to do before you got hurt.  

Rather than treat a specific condition, PEMF enhances the body’s overall innate self-regulating and healing abilities. For athletes, this means the ability to decrease  recovery time, maximize your performance, and decrease your risk of injury–all without drugs or other harmful methods. While your body does recover on its own, we know that patience does not come easily to athletes. Recover from a sports injury faster and get back to doing what you love by giving PEMF a try! Contact us today to request an appointment

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