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Introducing The Treatment You Can Actually Take Lying Down

It may not sound like a big deal to be able to wiggle your toes, walk barefoot in your garden, or carry home your groceries. But if you have peripheral neuropathy from diabetes or another disease, these little things can be major victories.

The weakness, numbness, and pain caused by this abnormal nerve damage can be debilitating. Every step you take feels like you are walking on broken glass.

A proven, painless, and natural treatment for relieving discomfort.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) is a natural treatment. It relieves neuropathic pain by flushing out toxins from cells, allowing more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients and decreasing inflammation. PEMF significantly improves blood circulation in your arms and legs where the pain strikes.

Don’t let pain from nerve damage keep you from doing things you love.

Regular PEMF treatments can also delay the progression of further damage.

So, with PEMF you can look forward to resuming forgotten activities, or fulfilling abandoned dreams, like dancing with your daughter on her wedding day.

pulsed therapy

This Is A Treatment That Really Works

PEMF is the only natural treatment that has been an effective pain reliever for neuropathy.

What Does Research Say?

Studies of the effects of PEMF on neuropathy are encouraging.

PEMF treatments done at least 12 minutes daily for diabetic nerve pain improved sensation, pain, and increased muscular strength in 85% of patients compared to controls.

The success of your treatment will be determined by the extent of the damage and the underlying cause of your pain. We cannot promise that you will respond as fast as some others or that treatment will completely rid you of your pain.

Neuropathy Pain Relief

What Do Our Patients Have To Say?

“I had normal soreness along with other issues that consistent athletes run into, and after only a few PEMF sessions, I noticed a big more

"I’ve been using the PEMF unit for my diabetic neuropathy. I didn’t want to take pills, so I decided to try the PEMF machine. more

“My lower back is better... so much so that I was able to mow the lawn again without having any pain. It’s been a more

“My back was so bad that I could hardly straighten it. When I would get up out of a chair, I had to stand more

“I came in for neuropathy pain from nerve damage in my lower back that causes pain in my legs and feet. Surprisingly, it’s working, more

“I have absolutely no pain anywhere anymore. Doctors wanted to perform surgery and remove two discs, but with PEMF, I have no pain.” -Julia

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