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There Is an Osteoporosis-Related Fracture Every Three Seconds in America

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Osteoporosis (loss of bone density) is one of those diseases that sneaks up on you.

Bone loss starts from age 30, but because it is painless, you may not notice until one day when your brittle bones break.

As the condition advances, you face pain, higher risk of fracture, and increasingly impaired quality of life.

Traditional Treatments

You’ve probably been given supplements or even prescription drugs and advice on diet and exercise.

You might be taking Vitamin D and Calcium, eating more greens and riding the stationary bike, yet you keep wondering if anything is actually improving.

Are all those supplements working?

Or is there more you could be doing to strengthen your bones?

At Independence Wellness & Pulse Center, we proudly offer a unique, drug-free service that will help increase your bone density. It’s called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).

Our Method

You may have avoided chiropractors because you visualize someone quickly snapping your body like a pretzel — not too appealing for someone with fragile bones!

The right chiropractic care offers much more than non-force spinal care or joint manipulation.

At our clinic, you’ll experience a relaxing session on one of our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) beds or chairs. PEMF is the real deal, and it is a game changer when it comes to osteoporosis, bone breaks, or fracture issues.

How Does PEMF Rebuild Bone Density?

PEMF treatment on our high-intensity PULSE XL PRO machine can both slow down the progression of your bone loss and rebuild bone density.

PEMF has been clinically proven to enhance bone mineralization, repair cartilage, and accelerate bone repair and growth.

Nutrition, exercise, and supplements provide the building blocks for bone repair, but only PEMF provides the energy to actually create new bone structures.

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Physiotherapy, chiropractic, and medical interventions tend to focus on the hip and spine, but PEMF provides whole-body treatment.

With continuous treatment, you can eliminate the need for medications, which have dangerous side effects.

If you are suffering from bone density loss, PEMF is your best hope for alleviating pain, holding on to your independence, and living a longer, more active life.


Bone healing (delayed union) was the first condition for which the FDA approved PEMF.

Multiple studies have proven that PEMF enhances bone density and promotes bone and cartilage regeneration. In fact, NASA uses PEMF therapy to prevent bone and muscle loss in astronauts working at zero gravity.

At 80 years of age, Jackie Fogleman has significantly improved her bone density over her 13 years with Dr. John.

“I had normal soreness along with other issues that consistent athletes run into, and after only a few PEMF sessions, I noticed a big change in my overall feeling. I made a PR on my dead-lift 3 rep at a 470. Recovery was so much better. You feel the change in everything you do, not just training, but sleep and clarity of mind. Everything improved across the board.”


More Benefits

Enjoy greater results from PEMF when integrated in a unique combination of powerhouse therapies—Non-Force Spinal Care, Nutrition Guidance, and Egoscue Exercises.

Relieve pain, improve your balance, range of motion, joint mobility, and muscle tone.

Call us now to discuss PEMF and other gentle treatment options to rebuild your bones.

Increase Your Bone Density Today

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