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Discover How this Little Known Competitive Advantage Will Boost Your Performance

The world of athletics has become more competitive than ever before

Even six-year-olds are being groomed to become all-star competitive champions.

Hopes of a scholarship or the brass ring of playing as a professional is motivation to push harder, get faster, and recover quickly.

Maybe you don’t need the competitive edge, but you’re struggling to optimize your workouts.

I Can Relate Because I Speak CrossFit

When I reached my 70s, I became the world’s oldest Level II certified Kettlebell Instructor and a Flexible Steel instructor.

Though only 5′ 6″ and 127 pounds, I am tough. A former Vietnam Marine, born and bred in Brooklyn, no less.

Like many of you, I tend to shake off soreness as just part of doing CrossFit.

kettle bell instructor

The High-Intensity and the Variety of CrossFit Workouts We All Love Make Us Prone to Injury

If you focus too intently on WODs and forget about athletic recovery; strains, injuries, and even a visit from Uncle Rhabdo are possible.

But there’s that voice in your head telling you to keep pushing, to keep training, to tough it out.

So you hit the gym, and it happens… That extra push beyond your body’s ability to naturally repair itself now requires the special touch of a surgeon. Even when you do take a rest day, instead of embracing the downtime, you find yourself literally fighting the urge to train.

You Need a Better Strategy

Traditional routes to athlete recovery—quality sleep, diet, compression, etc.—are effective, but they take too long.

Achieve Better Performance and Faster Recovery 

Leverage the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and activate your body at the cellular level.

athletic recovery

Flush out toxins from sluggish cells

athletic recovery

Recharge by increasing oxygenation and blood flow

muscle recovery

Reduce inflammation and relax muscles

get healthy

PEMF Can Boost Your Performance in Less Than One Hour

If you are looking to reach the next level of strength, agility, and fitness, then you should use PEMF before and after workouts – and especially before any level of competition.

It is ideal for both healing injuries and enhancing your athletic performance. CrossFit instructors recommend PEMF so highly, in fact, that certain gyms across Louisiana offer membership discounts to my patients!

Contact us today to request an appointment and find out if your CrossFit gym offers this discount!

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