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Make 2021 Pain Free–Without Surgery, Drugs, or Side Effects

2020 was painful in more ways than one.

2021 has the potential to be pain free, so long as you make the right decisions regarding pain management.  

You’ve tried pills, yoga, epsom salt baths, and other common remedies, but nothing seems to work. 

It’s time to try something new: low level laser therapy (LLLT).

What is low level laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy, is a non-invasive light treatment for acute and chronic pain that is growing in popularity.

How does laser therapy work?

We know what you’re thinking: how can a laser alleviate my pain?

It sounds too good to be true, right? Thankfully, it’s not.

Here’s how it works:

Dr. John will examine you to determine the cause of your pain or dysfunction and then select the appropriate laser protocols. Following that, the laser will be focused on the areas needing treatment for the correct amount of time. It is simple and painless! 

This device will alter cellular functions and address your pain through bio-stimulation. The process of bio-stimulation is similar to photosynthesis in plants, producing a photochemical effect that naturally increases the production of ATP and reduces oxidative stress.

What are the benefits of cold laser therapy?

The benefits of low level laser therapy are endless. For starters, nothing heals faster than cold laser therapy. It is also FDA market cleared, with over 15 years of research and 17 FDA clearances proving it to be effective. 

Additional benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • No side effects
  • No risk

Stop letting pain hold you back and start living a pain free life again–without the need for surgery, drugs, or pesky side effects. Get low level laser therapy right here in Lafayette by requesting an appointment with Independence Wellness today! 

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