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Independence Chiropractic Announces Rebranding

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  Phone: 337-984-9276

Email: [email protected]


Independence Chiropractic Announces Rebranding

Changes name to Independence Wellness & Pulse Center to better reflect mission and services

June 14, 2019 — Lafayette, LA — Independence Wellness & Pulse Center (formerly Independence Chiropractic) revealed their new logo and website, today, while simultaneously announcing the renaming of the chiropractic practice.

“Our name change will help people immediately recognize that we are about more than just chiropractic and pain,” said Dr. John J. Sullivan, Chiropractor and owner of Independence Wellness & Pulse Center. “Our mission is to help patients get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible by integrating what we call the ‘four horsemen’ of wellness – cellular energy, spinal communication, posture correction, and nutrition.”

The Independence Wellness & Pulse Center practice is built around the integration of Pulse PEMF (an unprecedented technology that restores energy at the cellular level), non-Force spinal care, permanent posture restoration using the Egoscue Method, and sound nutritional guidance.

Independence Wellness & Pulse Center’s new website provides access to an enormous amount of research illustrating the effectiveness of PEMF, Non-Force Spinal Care, the Egoscue Method for posture restoration, and nutrition for restoring personal energy and health.

A list of health issues that have responded to Dr. Sullivan’s care can be found on the website, from neuropathies to broken bones, from Parkinson’s disease to migraines, and from sleepless nights to faster athletic recovery.


About Independence Wellness & Pulse Center

Founded in 1986, Independence Wellness & Pulse Center is one of only two practices in Louisiana where people can get treated using the Pulse XL Pro PEMF treatment system. The Pulse XL Pro is widely recognized as the most powerful and effective PEMF device on the market, and has proven to be extremely effective in treating physical and even emotional issues that the medical community has been challenged to address effectively.

For more information, contact Dr. John Sullivan at 337-984-9276 or email [email protected]

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