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Heal Sprains and Strains with PEMF

With gyms finally opening back up again, strains and sprains are becoming more common as people are rushing to get their pre-quarantine body back. This can be an especially frustrating setback if you’ve already been out of commission for so long. 

Thankfully, there’s a quick, painless, and drug-free way to heal your sprains and strains that you likely haven’t tried yet.

What are sprains and strains?

Before you learn how to heal your sprains or strains, it’s important that you understand what exactly they are and what causes them. 

Strains are muscular injuries that are very common in sports, and occur when muscle fibers tear due to overstretching. 

Sprains occur when ligaments are torn due to overextension of joints beyond their range of motion, or after trauma. These are common in ankles and wrists, and are typically associated with swelling, pain, and bruising. 

Quickly heal sprains and strains

In order to avoid muscular atrophy (decrease in muscle mass) and losing your range of motion, you need to work on rehabilitating your injury as quickly as possible. 

To heal a sprain, you need to reduce the pain and swelling. Ice and elevation are typically used for this, but they’re only temporary solutions. 

Fibroblasts, located in your connective tissues, are vital to wound healing. They produce collagen, which is responsible for creating the building blocks that heal your tendons and ligaments. The best way to heal these types of injuries is by stimulating your fibroblasts.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is the key to stimulating your fibroblasts. It has been scientifically proven to energize fibroblasts by literally charging your cells with a gentle electromagnetic pulse. This helps the injured cells gain the energy needed to heal themselves, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the mitochondria for energy production.

Not only will PEMF stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal sprains and strains, but it enhances your circulation and oxygen absorption abilities as well. This allows your body to absorb nutrients better and eliminate cellular waste more efficiently. 

Many athletes, from CrossFit to Olympic Gold medalists, use PEMF to heal their injuries. To enhance your athletic performance and heal that painful sprain or strain, request a PEMF appointment at Independence Wellness! We’re located right here in Lafayette, LA and look forward to healing you.

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