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The Key Differences Between Traditional Chiropractic and Non-Force Chiropractic

After lounging around at home for a year, the number of Americans suffering from back pain has reached an all-time high. 

This influx in pain has caused many to seek relief through a chiropractor.

But if you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, it can be scary.

Just the thought of having your spine violently twisted and popped during traditional chiropractic is enough to send anyone running in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, there’s another type of chiropractic care that’s gentle and painless.

It’s called non-force chiropractic.

What is non-force chiropractic Care?

This form of chiropractic is the single most researched chiropractic procedure and is FDA-approved. 

Non-force chiropractors use a unique method of treatment called the activator method. This method involves a handheld, spring-loaded tool called the “Activator V” as an alternative to aggressive spinal manipulation. 

The Activator V allows for chiropractors to accurately apply low-force and high-speed impulses to individualized locations along the spine, letting energy flow where it’s needed. 

Many people prefer this type of treatment to traditional chiropractic for several reasons, including: 

  • It’s painless
  • The risk level is slim to none
  • The controlled force and speed of the Activator V yield quick results

The high speed of the instrument is important because it gives your muscles less time to tense up and resist treatment. This lack of resistance can be the difference between an effective and non-effective treatment. Controlled force is also key, because it allows for localized treatment without twisting or bending the joint.

How does this differ from traditional chiropractic?

Pain is just a symptom. Many traditional chiropractors strive to relieve pain by cracking or popping the spine. As a non-force chiropractor, my focus is not just to relieve pain, but look for the underlying cause of it. It’s a combination of activating the involved nerve pathway, allowing the natural flow of communication to take place, and initiating intelligence that does the healing.

Independence Wellness & Pulse Center was founded on the principles of non-force chiropractic care. When you step into our office, you can feel safe and secure in the hands of Dr. John and his Activator V. Request an appointment with us and get relief today!

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