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Does Public Health Policy Really Have Your Best Interest in Mind?

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Big Business and public health policy are killing people. 

How can someone who’s more dangerous than a terrorist never get prosecuted? 

The answer is simple: Money.

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has been secretly permeating government nutrition and health departments worldwide for years now. This non-profit organization was created over 40 years ago by a top executive at Coca-Cola, and is almost completely funded by the big guys in the pharmaceutical, food, and agribusiness industries.

With the controversial leader Dr. Sesikeran being a trustee of the ILSI India department, people are starting to question whether regulator decisions will now be influenced by the processed food manufacturers claiming that red warning labels will negatively affect sales. 

Having an undercover food lobby group choosing public health policy should be illegal, but it’s not, and it’s happening. While the ILSI can state all they want that, “Under no circumstance does ILSI protect industry from being affected by disadvantageous policy and laws,” a New York Times article provides evidence to the contrary. 

Members of ILSI include DuPont, General Mills, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and more billion-dollar Big Sugar offenders. Mars, the candy producer, used to be a member of ILSI but withdrew last year because they no longer wanted to represent an organization that puts their money behind “advocacy-led studies.” In 2015, questions about the industry ties of ILSI arose, costing them their exclusive access to the World Health Organization governing bodies.

Dr. Sesikeran defends his close relationship with big food companies, stating that he believed he could change their ways in working with them rather than against them. In 2001, W.H.O. caught and called out ILSI for funding studies that were trying to prove that smoking is harmless. After this, W.H.O. prohibited ILSI from any activities that involve setting food and water standards. 

The reason that ILSI has become such a powerful and trusted source by so many is due to the conferences that they sponsor, and their recruitment of well-known and trusted scientists to committees that focus on food safety and other issues. These conferences serve a major purpose: to round up scientists and other officials who typically avoid events that are sponsored by Kellog’s or McDonald’s.

The director of the Center for Science and Environment in New Delhi, Sunita Narain, agrees that ILSI must be stopped before serious damage is done to our society. Sunita states that, “The power of this industry is even greater than that of the tobacco industry.” At Independence Wellness & Pulse Center, we stand with YOU. You can rest assured that we will always be honest and transparent with you, especially when it comes down to your diet. Stop putting it off. Get your health back on track today, and contact us to schedule a consultation!

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