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Using Back Workouts to Protect Yourself From Injury

As a CrossFit athlete, the last thing you want is a painful injury slowing your WOD.

Did you know that one of the best tools to protect yourself against injury and significantly improve your strength is your own back? THE FRONT IS FOR SHOW- THE BACK IS FOR GO! 

Back workouts are critical for athletes of every discipline. If you think about it, a strong back will give you an advantage in all exercises. In CrossFit specifically, some of the greatest benefits of back workouts include:

  • Better posture
  • The ability to execute and control gymnastic movements like muscle-ups
  • Core strength to help you stabilize and control your movements
  • Olympic Lift improvements
  • Better handstand walks
  • Stabilization of all balancing and overhead pressing movements
  • Spinal support to protect against injury

Of course, back exercises aren’t some magic shield to protect you from all injuries. With pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), however, you can recover faster and boost your athletic performance.

 Dr. John is a proud member of Big Cat CrossFit himself and has been successfully helping  athletes with PEMF and laser treatments for decades now. 

Lafayette CrossFitters believe in PEMF and laser so much that the following gyms are offering a 15% discount to members who are patients at Independence Wellness & Pulse Center:

  • CrossFit Acadiana
  • Crossfit Herd
  • CrossFit Lafayette
  • Big Cat CrossFit

Request an appointment with us today to see for yourself why PEMF is so highly recommended in the CrossFit community!  

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