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How to Alleviate Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

How to Alleviate Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

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Hardly Anyone Talks About It

But shoulder pain is the most common complaint after lower back pain. You use your arms, hands, and shoulders to do so many daily activities. A bad shoulder injury or chronic pain can make life very difficult.

What Doctors Won’t Tell You About Conventional Approaches to Treating Shoulder and Back Pain 

The standard shoulder pain test that doctors use is simply not a reliable diagnostic tool.

That means that conventional medical approaches to treating shoulder pain are not always necessary or useful. In fact, a 2014 study found that 18% of the shoulder labral tears seen on MRIs and 18% of the posterior labral tears resulted in unnecessary surgeries.

The bottom line is…

Surgery is Very Profitable, but it Isn’t Always Necessary

With the proper physical exercises, you can be free of shoulder pain in under 15 minutes a day – no surgery required.

Just ask Jack Nicklaus.

A physical therapist by the name of Pete Egoscue saved Nicklaus’ golf career and helped him avoid surgery back in the 1980s. Egoscue devised and taught Jack some basic movements and exercises to strengthen Jack’s muscles and improve his posture.

If You Have Stubborn Shoulder Pain, then Egoscue Exercises can Help

Egoscue Exercises can help people with stubborn shoulder pain. Even those who have experienced a failed shoulder surgery have regained full function of their arms.

We will train your shoulder muscles gradually and carefully to regain movement and strength. These exercises will resolve your shoulder stiffness, eliminate muscular spasms, and improve your range of motion.

Following your daily menu of exercises will restore full circulation to your shoulder which, in turn, will increase flexibility and relieve pain.

Whether you’re dreaming of getting back on the basketball court, or you just want to put on your jacket without wincing in pain, we can help get you there.

Don’t Live in Pain.

Find Out if Egoscue is The Natural Relief You’ve Been Looking for.

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