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If you are suffering from chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, sports injury, or any illness-related pain, here are 11 reasons why you need to try The Egoscue Method:

1. Get to the Root of Your Pain

While most pain management methods only address symptoms or try to deaden or mask pain, the Egoscue method corrects postural issues that are at the root of your ongoing discomfort.

2.  Eliminate Chronic Pain, not Just Relieve It

When you faithfully follow your menu of Egoscue Exercises, you can eliminate chronic pain, not just relieve it.

3. Exercise Without Strain on Your Body

Unlike many other rehabilitation methods, Egoscue exercises put no strain on your body, which means that everyone can do the exercises no matter their age or ability.

4. Receive a Custom Exercise Plan Just for You

Egoscue Exercises are personalized and tailor-made to deal with the structural dysfunctions behind your pain. Other exercise systems, such as Pilates or yoga, for example, are usually group classes where everybody is doing the same exercises or poses or moves.

5. Requires no Equipment

Egoscue Exercises are easy to do, and you don’t need to purchase any special equipment.

egoscue exercises
leg pain relief

6. Understand Your Pain with an Egoscue Therapist

The Egoscue method is very client-centered. You will enjoy close support and ongoing guidance and assistance from your Egoscue therapist.

7. Work at Your Own Pace

Egoscue is convenient and designed to help your specific problem at your own pace. Dr. Sullivan will personally teach you the exercises that are best for your situation, and you will have access to video-based training that you can view through your smartphone, desktop, or laptop to ensure you’re always performing the exercises correctly.

8. Gain a Holistic Approach to Exercise and Healing

Egoscue offers a more natural and more beneficial form of exercise as it encourages you to incorporate more movement into your daily life, rather than doing specified work-out sessions.

9. Track Your Improvement

Egoscue is innovative. The image-capture technology allows you to see your dysfunction and chart your improvement. The software reads your posture and quickly recommends a menu of E-cises to correct your issues.

10. Combine Other Approaches to Getting Healthy

Egoscue works well with other wellness therapies. Egoscue therapy is the perfect complement to our unique combination of Non-Force Adjustment and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF).

11. Reclaim Control of Your Health

Egoscue puts your health back in your hands, by educating you on what you need to do to get and stay healthy. You are not dependent on any machine or any person to achieve optimum health.

See How Egoscue Can Help With Your Pain

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