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There is ONLY ONE program that addresses all 10 essential physical skills.


Your overall fitness can be described by how proficient you are at these 10 essential skills: Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Endurance, & Accuracy.

Most people are very strong in a few, decent in a majority, and very poor in another select few. A true fitness program has the ability and focus to continually develop all of these 10 skills, not just a select few.

That is why I highly recommend CrossFit to all my patients, as it is the ONLY fitness program that addresses all 10 areas of fitness.

CrossFit may sound intimidating, but it is truly for everyone.

You start where you are.

Everyone becomes your accountability partner, and everyone helps push you to be your best. So, it’s not about whether you’re the biggest or strongest person in the gym. It’s about whether you’re achieving your own personal goals and pushing yourself to be the best you can be (it’s like the Marines, except without the bullets).

At 76 years old, I still hit the CrossFit gym at least five days a week. I know firsthand the benefits gained from keeping active, pushing my body, and staying fit. That’s why I so wholeheartedly endorse CrossFit.

At Independence Wellness, we offer a special form of therapy called PEMF to help you enhance your athletic performance and recovery time. CrossFit members benefit so much from this service, that several gyms across the state of Louisiana offer significant membership discounts to members who are patients of mine. Contact us today to see if your gym offers this discount, and how to become eligible!

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