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5 Ways Laser Therapy Can Change Your Life and Help You Live Pain Free Again

Life with chronic pain is no way to live.

Even the smallest of movements can hurt, and you may no longer be able to perform daily tasks the way you used to.

But with an estimated 10.1 million people abusing opioids every year, getting help for your chronic pain can be dangerous and difficult.

Fortunately, pain relief without prescription drugs is very much possible–thanks to low level laser therapy.

Continue reading to learn how this cutting-edge technology can help you change your life and live pain-free again.

1. It’ll ease your mind with a risk-free treatment

Did you know that in the U.S., opioid prescription drug overdoses kill more people than cocaine and heroin overdoses combined?

Taking prescription drugs for pain is a risk that you shouldn’t have to take. 

Years of experience have proven that this photochemical treatment is risk-free. While it may sound like a new trend, this cutting-edge therapy has actually been around for quite some time. So long, in fact, that it’s backed by over 15 years of research and 17 FDA clearances.

When it comes to pain relief, everyone deserves a shot at a risk-free treatment like low level laser therapy. Plus, putting your mind at ease when starting a new treatment can yield some of the best results.

 2. Get a non-invasive form of therapy

Forget surgery, pills, or painful manipulation therapies. When it comes to pain relief, you need a non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime. 

Laser therapy works directly on the mitochondria of your cells, resulting in no need for a recovery period. 

Your mitochondria, aka the powerhouses of the cells, hold receptors that can absorb distinct parameters of light. During laser therapy, the light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by these receptors, stimulating them to promote non-invasive pain relief.

3. It’s a painless solution to your suffering

Chronic pain treatment should never be painful. That defeats the entire purpose. One of the key benefits of low level laser therapy is that it’s painless, allowing you to feel nothing but relief during and after your session.

4. It’s more than just relief

Pain relief isn’t the only physical advantage that comes with laser therapy. Once the light penetrates your mitochondria, it also: 

  • Increases ATP (energy) production
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Enhances oxygen and blood flow
  • Encourages cell growth, and more.

5. You’ll no longer need to worry about side effects

There’s nothing worse than seeing a doctor for chronic pain and winding up with extensive side effects that put you right back in bed. Thankfully, with laser therapy, you don’t need to worry about this.

That’s right, no side effects or adverse reactions have ever been reported with laser therapy. So what’s holding you back? Request an appointment with Independence Wellness today to give low level laser therapy a try!

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