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You deserve to feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s time to get your life back.

  • Perhaps you’ve got a foot neuropathy that feels like you’ve stepped on a porcupine.
  • Maybe you suffer from constant migraines from your high-stress job.
  • You might have a broken bone or hip replacement that you’d like to have heal faster.
  • You might even be a fellow CrossFit athlete looking for a way to recover faster and perform better.

Either way, you need access to technology and treatments that help your body heal itself. For that kind of healing, you have to start at the cellular level. And that’s where we shine.

What’s the secret to healing faster and regaining optimum health?

No one course of treatment can address all of your needs. Over the years, Dr. Sullivan has developed and mastered a unique combination of advanced therapies that unlock your body’s healing potential.

What are these Powerhouse Healers?

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Non-Force Spinal Care Re-alignment
  • Egoscue Exercises
  • Proper Nutrition

Individually, these are all highly effective treatments. In careful combination, they become a powerhouse.

We Treat Health In 4 Ways

When your body is hurting, we do more than just manage symptoms. We help you find the root cause, supply your body with the right fuel, fine-tune your body’s natural healing system, and give you a plan to move forward.


Recover from stress. Eliminate pain and inflammation. Get recharged with the energy to heal and thrive.

Non-Force Spinal Care

Relieve your symptoms through non-force spinal adjustments rather than traditional twisting and popping methods.


Eliminate pain and permanently reset your posture with prescribed and properly executed Egoscue exercises.


Give your body the proper fuel it needs for optimum health and healing through sound nutritional guidance.

Chronic Neck Pain

“Doctors wanted to perform surgery and remove two discs, but with PEMF everything changed. I have absolutely no pain anywhere anymore. ”
– Julia

How can this painless, non-invasive technology change your life?

Relieve Lower Back Pain, without Side-Effects.

Pain relief doesn’t have to be addictive or dangerous anymore. If you need lasting pain relief and don’t want expensive drugs anymore, discover this natural, easy solution.

Regrow Bones. Stay Healthy. Fight Osteoporosis.

With a more active lifestyle and PEMF therapy, you don’t have to just stop bone decay – you can actually regrow bone.

Train Smarter. Recover Quicker. Set New PRs.

Learn the secret that winning horses, professional swimmers, Ninja Warriors, and Elite CrossFitters have in common.

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